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The Most Bipartisan Administration in Bucks County History


Bob Harvie & Diane Marseglia

As lifelong Bucks County residents, Bob and Diane have always put our community before politics. Diane was raised in Middletown, while Bob is from Falls, they know what our community needs because they’ve lived here. 


As Commissioners, Diane and Bob have led the most bipartisan administration in County history with over 99% of their votes including Republican support.


Unlike the dysfunction in Washington, Bob and Diane have been able to put politics aside, reach across the aisle, and make real, common sense change, here in Bucks County. Diane and Bob have put our community ahead of party, time and time again and always will.


Bob and Diane have transitioned Bucks County into the most labor-friendly county in the state to support working families. They have implemented environmental initiatives such as the county’s first climate action plan and sustainability director. They have approved new ordinances to prevent fraud, adding more whistle-blower protections, and joining and initiating legal action against large polluters and social media companies affecting the mental health of our children. They were leaders in stopping the sale of the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority and avoiding steep increases in utility costs for residents and on the $45 million opiate settlement against the drug manufacturers responsible for the opioid crisis and are reinvesting that money to address drug addiction.

Keeping Us Safe

Bob and Diane’s top priority is to keep Bucks County safe. 


That’s why as County Commissioners, Diane and Bob have funded our law enforcement, investing over $1 million in additional funding for our Sheriff's Department and approving increased support to our District Attorney’s office so they have the tools they need to keep us safe.


Bob and Diane have also implemented smart on crime prevention strategies like expanding addiction treatment programs to get non-violent offenders the help they need and creating a mental health co-responders program that places social workers within police departments so police can focus on fighting crime, not dealing with mental health emergencies. 


The Co-Responder Program pairs social workers with municipal police departments to provide a crisis response through clinically-informed support so that our police can get back to the streets and prioritize crime prevention and keeping our residents safe. Since 2020, the program has expanded to 18 police departments as of April 2023. 


Bob and Diane also led bipartisan approval for a School Resource Officer in the Central Bucks School District at the request of the school board to protect our kids.


Because of these measures and more, violent crime has dropped over Bob and Diane’s time as our county commissioners.

Protecting Abortion Rights

Bob and Diane will always protect a woman’s right to an abortion.

As anti-abortion judges across the country are attempting to limit access to reproductive healthcare, Bob and Diane have taken a stand by pursuing legal action to protect the rights of women to legally use prescription abortion pills here in Bucks.


Bob and Diane’s opponent, Pam Van Blunk has said she opposed those steps to protect abortion rights.


As our Commissioners, Bob and Diane will never stop fighting to keep abortion safe and legal here in Bucks County.

No New Taxes

As Commissioners Bob and Diane balanced our county budget, fixing an $8 million budget deficit without raising taxes.

Bob and Diane have prided themselves on being strong financial stewards of taxpayer money. After inheriting an $8 million budget deficit, Bob and Diane got to work and balanced our county budget without raising taxes.


Over the past three years, they’ve addressed various financial issues left behind by previous Republican administrations such as the county’s structural deficit, increasing debt, and ongoing lawsuits that drained our county finances. Bob and Diane have moved the county away from hiring expensive out-of-county law firms to full-time, in-house attorneys, saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.


This smart, common sense approach is how Bob and Diane have put Bucks County on strong financial footing.

Chip in to support our Pro-Working Family Majority:

Bob and Diane are running for reelection as your Bucks County Commissioners to keep taxes low, support our law enforcement and protect a woman’s right to choose. Help lay the groundwork for another winning campaign by rushing support now.

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