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About Bucks United


Our Background




After 40 years of Republican control in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bucks Democrats launched a well-planned coordinated campaign effort in 2017 to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. That coordinated effort yielded the first county wide victories for Democrats in modern history, and set the stage for Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey’s 2018 statewide victories, with Bucks County playing a critical role.

In the 2019 elections, Bucks Democrats followed the same playbook and achieved similarly historic results, winning seats up and down the ballot and taking the majority on the Board of Commissions.

Now, the Bucks United coordinated campaign is looking to protect and expand those hard-fought gains in 2021. Faced with a changing political environment, it is critical that Bucks Democrats run a well-funded and robust field and paid media effort that turns out Democratic voters who may be unaware of an upcoming off year election, as well as reach Democratic-leaning independents who may hear false or misleading messaging from Republicans seeking to create divisions within our winning coalition.

This year we send a clear message:

Why Your Vote Matters

The stakes of this election are not just contained within Bucks County. As a crucial swing district within Pennsylvania, Bucks County will be seen as a national indicator of Democratic prospects in the 2022 Gubernatorial and Senatorial races, as well as the battle for the House of Representatives. With upcoming redistricting, every competitive Congressional District within Southeastern Pennsylvania may ultimately contain a portion of Bucks County.
There is no doubt that Bucks Democrats can deliver victories in November and continue Democratic momentum into the midterm elections but
only if we stay united.

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